#109 – UX/UI for the rest of us


In this special episode, We invite our UX/UI designer community friends to Talk about designer careers, How to get started, Jobs in Morocco and outside, as well as discussions around the best practice and resources.



0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming guests

0:05:15 – What is UX/UI?

0:16:24 – Why UX/UI is important?

0:27:45 – How do our guests start their careers?

0:39:50 – Should I have an artiste talent to be successful as UX/UI designer

0:50:00 – UX/UI Jobs

0:59:00 – Job for UX/UI designers In morocco and outside.

1:06:14 – Self-taught vs. schools to learn UX/UI

1:11:14 – How to bridge the gap between front-end developers and designers?

1:39:10 – Tips and tools and recourse for people who want to start a UI/UX career

1:55:05 – Blank board challenge

1:59:50 – UX/UI community

2:01:30 – What makes the difference between a good and a bad one?

2:09:52 – Picks

2:24:40 – Wrap up & Goodbye


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