316. Dani Jones, New Balance Professional Middle-Distance Runner


“We made the most out of a hard year. And what we did this year is going to pay off.”

Earlier this year, four-time NCAA champion Dani Jones decided to forgo her remaining NCAA eligibility at the University of Colorado in the pursuit of going pro. She signed with an agent — Hawi Keflezighi — and joined Joe Bosshard and Emma Coburn’s training group, “Team Boss.” And today, Dani has an exciting announcement to share: She’s officially a fully sponsored professional runner, having just signed with New Balance. On this episode, Dani talks about what it’s really like going pro (particularly during this pandemic year); talks about training alongside women like Emma Coburn, Aisha Praught Leer, Cory McGee, and Dominique Scott; and divulges her biggest hopes and dreams on the run.

What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How it feels to be a sponsored professional athlete (3:30)
  • How Dani’s training has changed since joining Team Boss (7:00)
  • On Dani’s decision to forgo her remaining NCAA eligibility in order to go pro (9:10)
  • What it’s really like going pro (11:30)
  • Why Dani chose to sign with Hawi Keflezighi and HAWI Management (14:30)
  • Did Young Dani always plan to go pro? (16:40)
  • On joining Team Boss (30:25)
  • How Dani’s feeling looking to 2021 (39:30)

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