327. Katie Burke on “Taking Care of You”


“Your energy is your most valuable resource. How do you make sure you’re spending it on things that actually make a difference?”

As the Chief People Officer at Hubspot, it is Katie Burke’s job to take care of people. So when your job is other people — whether at work or at home — how do you take care of you? On this episode, Ali on the Run Show favorite Katie Burke shares 10 practical, tactical, super important ways to make sure your needs are met. And this isn’t a fluffy self-care pep talk about reading before bed or taking baths on the weekend. This is about learning to play offense in your own life. (Look at me, using sports references!) Plus, Katie talks about why you should make a “worry list,” offers her own take on the over-used phrase “self-care,” and explains why this advice is especially important now. (For more, read Katie’s just-published post, “Taking Care of You,” here.)

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