331. Love on the Run with Starla Garcia & Fredis Benitez


“I just looked over at her and said, ‘We should be something.’”

She’s a 2:43 marathoner and Olympic Marathon Trials finisher, and he’s “not a huge runner” who runs a 2:51 marathon: Meet Starla Garcia and Fredis Benitez from Houston, TX! Starla (a returning favorite on the Ali on the Run Show) is a registered dietitian, and Fredis is a marketer and designer, and they bonded immediately over a shared love for music. On this episode, Starla and Fredis, who have been dating since 2016, talk about creating boundaries in a relationship, about not playing games, and about how Starla knew she liked him when he said he likes vegetables!

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What we mention on this episode:

Starla Garcia on Episode 200 of the Ali on the Run Show

Starla Garcia on Episode 257 of the Ali on the Run Show

“Why Are American Women Running Faster Than Ever?” via The New York Times

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