343. On the Job with Liz Lemon, Night Shift ER Nurse


“I used to be a morning person. I’m not a morning person anymore!”

Liz Lemon was always destined to do two things: run and help people. Liz (and yes, she gets a lot of 30 Rock references thanks to her name) comes from a family that runs and practices medicine, so it’s no surprise that Liz would do the same. She’s a night shift nurse in the emergency room at a hospital in California (though she’s currently on leave on account of a broken hand), while also pursuing her master’s degree in nursing education. When she’s not in the ER, Liz is on the run: She’s a 3:44 marathoner, 1:29 half-marathoner, and 17:54 5K runner. On this episode, Liz talks about what it’s really like working the front lines in a hospital (and she insists that despite what we see on Grey’s Anatomy, “people aren’t really hooking up in the break rooms”), explains what her days and nights really look like, and shares some of her most memorable stories from the hospital.

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