347. Blanca Grinkovitch, 20-Time Marathoner & Director of Juma Fit


“There comes a certain time that you just need a break. You’re human. You don’t have to feel great all the time. It’s OK to be in touch with your feelings and say, ‘I don’t feel great, and I’m going to take five days off.’ It’s fine!”

Blanca Grinkovitch is a 20-time marathoner, Ironman, lululemon ambassador, director at New Jersey treadmill studio Juma Fit, and mom of twin boys. She runs a 3:07 marathoner and a 1:29 half-marathon, and today, in her fifties, she’s running stronger and healthier than ever. On this episode, Blanca talks about how she has stayed happy and healthy on the run for decades at a time. She has boundless energy and excellent advice, and you’re going to love her!

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Blanca’s advice for how she is stronger than ever in her fifties (5:00)
  • Did Young Blanca envision this future for herself in the fitness industry? (10:00)
  • Blanca reflects on her first race in Central Park (14:45)
  • How Blanca met her husband, and what their first date (a 17-mile run) was like (19:00)
  • How running changed after having twins (24:00)
  • On start line imposter syndrome (30:15)
  • What running looks like for Blanca right now (35:50)
  • Blanca’s advice for jumping out of bed in the morning (40:50)
  • What “Coach Blanca” is like (45:00)

What we mention on this episode:

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

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