381. Charlie Lawrence, Des Linden's 50K Pacer


“This is a definite compliment from Des. She was like, ‘I like you enough where I can hang out with you for three hours!’”

In April, Des Linden made history by making her ultramarathon debut and, in the process, breaking the world record in the 50K (2:59:54) and becoming the first woman to run a 50K in under three hours. And while Des may hold the new record, she didn’t go it alone: She was joined by Charlie Lawrence. Charlie ran at the University of Minnesota, and made his marathon debut at the California International Marathon in 2018, where he ran a 2:16 and earned himself an Olympic Trials qualifying time. On this episode, Charlie talks about what it was like pacing Des that day in Oregon, including what their pre-race conversation was like, what he remembers most from the race, and what he thought about his first “Shoey.” And go give Charlie some love: He’ll be racing the 50K road championships next weekend!

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Charlie got the job as Des’s pacer (4:20)
  • How Des and Charlie met (7:45)
  • What 2021 was looking like for Charlie on the run (9:50)
  • How Charlie trained and prepared for the 50K (13:30)
  • What Des and Charlie’s pre-race talk was like (17:30)
  • What the race was like (27:30)
  • Highlights from race day (32:40)
  • What the finish line and post-race celebrations were like (36:15)
  • What’s next for Charlie? (43:20)
  • Is this the life Young Charlie imagined? (47:55)

What we mention on this episode:

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