395. Karissa Schweizer & Elise Cranny, Olympians


“We’re actually going to Tokyo! This is real!”


Karissa Schweizer and Elise Cranny were already teammates as part of the Bowerman Track Club. And now they’ll share another team: Team USA. At last month’s U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials, Karissa and Elise secured their spots on Team USA by racing both the 5K (where Elise won and Karissa took second) and the 10K (where Karissa made a second team, finishing in second place). On this episode, Karissa and Elise reflect on their training leading up to the Trials, and break down both rounds of the 5K and the 10K final. They talk about how their teammate Shelby Houlihan’s recent four-year ban from the sport affected them emotionally leading up to the Trials, and they share their excitement about making their first Olympic teams.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Who was in the stands on race day? (6:15)
  • How Karissa and Elise were feeling heading into the Trials, and how the news of Shelby Houlihan’s ban affected their emotions during race week (9:30)
  • What it was like arriving at Hayward Field (15:00)
  • Breaking down the first 5K race (17:50)
  • Breaking down the 5K final (24:00)
  • How Elise and Karissa celebrated the 5K (38:00)
  • What was on Elise and Karissa’s minds heading into the 10K, and how the race played out (40:40)
  • What’s next? (54:30)
  • What, exactly, is team processing? (59:25)
  • The events Karissa and Elise loved watching at the Trials (1:03:30)


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