439. Dr. Abby Bales Takeover Edition


“You’re honestly doing a really good job. I know all you see is all the ways you think you’re failing. But I promise, you’re doing OK, and no one has it all figured out, despite what you see on Instagram! Stop scrolling. Read a book.”

In 2019, I interviewed Dr. Abby Bales — a pelvic floor physical therapist and the owner and founder of Reform Physical Therapy — as part of the Ali on the Run Show‘s Motherhood Mondays series. Ever since, Abby has asked when I would be willing to flip the script; when I would be willing to hand over the microphone so I could answer her questions. And today is that day. Welcome to the Dr. Abby on the Run Show! On this episode, Abby is in control, asking me questions about Crohn’s disease, motherhood, life with a chronic illness, running, career stuff, and how they all intersect. (Listen to Dr. Abby’s previous conversations on the Ali on the Run Show here, here, and here.)

SPONSOR: The AGA IBD Parenthood Project Follow the link for resources and support on your own journey navigating parenthood and life with an inflammatory bowel disease.

What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Why now? (4:40)
  • My Crohn’s disease story (7:45)
  • On Crohn’s and the decision to have children (10:45)
  • My experience with postpartum anxiety… (16:00)
  • …and my decision to finally start therapy (20:45)
  • On having a support system (29:30)
  • Do I worry about Annie getting Crohn’s? (36:15)
  • Talking to Annie about feelings (48:20)
  • How having a chronic illness has made me more resilient, and helped me better relate with people (52:00)
  • How Crohn’s disease has affected my career (58:00)
  • How living in New Hampshire has helped my health (1:01:15)
  • What goals now seem possible? (1:06:00)

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