442. LIVE from the New York City Marathon


“I wasn’t going to let a few bad laps on a circle in Asia redefine how I feel about myself. And I’ve been that way with the good things, too. The last Olympics, I was on a circle in South America and it went differently, it went great. And it’s fun, and it’s way more fun to do well, but also, this is a game. I’m choosing to commit my life to this game, and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”

It’s New York City Marathon week! And I had the pleasure of getting to host a live show with New Balance at the 1 Hotel Central Park South with an all-star panel of guests: professional athletes Emma Coburn and Dani Jones, Peloton instructor Selena Samuela, and Stolen Starts ambassador Lizeth Aparicio. This wide-ranging conversation covered everything from the highlight reel to the blooper reel. Emma talked about processing this year’s Olympics, Dani talked about transitioning from a college all-star to a professional athlete, Selena talked about the pressure to perform live to thousands of fans, and Lizeth talked about the intersection of running and activism in her life. Big thanks to everyone who joined us in that beautiful room, and good luck to everyone running the greatest marathon in the world. You got this!

SPONSOR: New Balance. Click here to learn all about the conversations New Balance is having to promote mental wellness.

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