452. Alexi Pappas, New York City Marathoner


Photo by Stone Malick.

“I just started to leap — like a prancing dancer across one of the intersections. And the crowd just lit up and went crazy… And I realized, this is fun!”

There were more than 30,000 runners at this year’s New York City Marathon. But it feels safe to say that no one had more fun on that course than professional runner and Olympian Alexi Pappas. On this episode, Alexi recounts her joyful journey from Staten Island to Central Park. She talks about her plans and goals for the day, and shares the story of how she made a friend — Vito — at mile three, with whom she went on to run the entire rest of the race. She talks about leaning into fun, about channeling her true inner self on the run, and about the life-changing advice she got from Jenny Simpson after the race. Plus, how she’s coped with the post-marathon comedown, and why she wants people to stop asking professional runners what’s next.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • The New York City Marathon comedown (4:00)
  • Alexi’s favorite moment from the marathon (12:35)
  • On marrying competitive drive and joy (26:30)
  • All about running with Vito (32:30)
  • The finish line feeling (35:00)
  • Alexi’s advice for how to make your next race more fun (42:30)

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