454. Ramblings on the Run with Ali & Matt


“I ran that fresh off a breakup, fueled by vodka and cute bartenders. I was not in a good headspace, and I rage ran — and I loved it. But now, I run better when I’m very happy.”

We’re back! After an eight-month hiatus, Ramblings on the Run returns! On these episodes, Matt Chittim — host of the Rambling Runner podcast and the Road to the Trials podcast — and I catch up on how our running is going, share what we’re loving right now, and talk about what we’re excited about. And then, in our fourth segment, we play a game of “High, Low, High,” sharing our high and low points from 2021 both personally and in the running industry.

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What we mention on this episode:

In It for the Long Run by Damian Hall

Be There in Five podcast

Grayson Murphy on Episode 450 of the Ali on the Run Show

My 2021 New York City Marathon Experience

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