476. Love on the Run with Nikki Hiltz & Emma Gee


“Emma was my calm within the storm.”

It’s the second day of Love on the Run Week, and today we’re joined by Nikki Hiltz and Emma Gee. Nikki is a professional runner specializing in the 1500 meters, and Emma was a standout collegiate runner at Brigham Young University and Temple University. Together, they’re a total dream team, and they’re incredible advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. (Run the Pride 5K!) Last year, Nikki came out as transgender nonbinary, telling the world, “The best way I can explain my gender is as fluid.” Nikki’s pronouns are they/them; Emma’s pronouns are she/her. Nikki and Emma are wise and introspective, and they love self-discovery. On this episode, they talk about how they met (for the first time in a town called Hurricane!), why they fell in love, and what their relationship has been like. They talk about the good and bad sides of using their voices, and Nikki offers some sponsorship updates.

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