477. Love on the Run with Natalie & Jerold Mitchell


“I was like, you know what, any woman who can hop over a fence in a dress — I need to know more about her!”

It’s day three of Love on the Run Week, and Natalie and Jerold Mitchell are here! Natalie and Jerold have been married for more than two decades, and have three children together. They live in Los Angeles, where Jerold works in human resources, Natalie is a run coach (she’s also a 12-time marathoner with a 3:05 personal best), and they co-host the Suite Run podcast. On this episode, they talk about the first time they met (Natalie was not interested), about bonding at a friend’s wedding, and about dating long-distance for two years before Jerold moved to L.A. to be with Natalie. Jerold shares the story of surprising Natalie by running a marathon with the hopes of proposing at the finish line — and they laugh about how that story actually played out. (You will, too.) Plus, they share the highs and lows of working together, and Natalie offers an update on her goals to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon.

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