478. Love on the Run with Annie Frisbie & Dhru Patel


“I thought he just wanted to be my friend!”

Love on the Run Week, day four! Today we’re joined by Minnesota Distance Elite‘s Annie Frisbie and Dhru Patel. Annie is in the midst of a breakout year on the run. She made her marathon debut at the TCS New York City Marathon in November, where she ran a 2:26, finishing seventh overall and as the third American woman. That time was the fourth-fastest marathon debut by an American woman. Then, Annie signed her first professional sponsorship deal with Puma. Last month, she raced for the first time in her new kit and shoes at the Houston Half Marathon, running a 1:10, finishing 10th, and immediately saying she was “hungry for more.” When she’s not running professionally, Annie is a graphic designer. On this episode, we hear all about that day in New York City from Annie’s perspective, and from Dhru’s, who was there to support his girlfriend and teammate. Dhru explains why he’s taking a running and training break right now, and about what his days look like without running and competing. Dhru is perhaps best known for making history in April 2019. He was a senior accounting major at North Central College and ran the 5,000 meters at a meet at Stanford. Dhru finished in 13:51, breaking a 42-year division-three record.

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