480. Love on the Run with Sinclaire Johnson & Craig Nowak


“I feel like I’m the best version of myself when he’s around.”

It’s a big weekend for professional runners Sinclaire Johnson and Craig Nowak! Sinclaire and her Union Athletics Club teammates just broke the DMR (distance medley relay) world record in Spokane, WA (Sinclaire ran the 800m leg), and Craig was tasked with pacing 1500m and the 3K. But when they’re not racing, pacing, or record-breaking, Sinclaire and Craig live and train together in Portland, OR. On this episode, they share the story of how they met (at Oklahoma State University, where Sinclaire was a freshman and Craig was a fifth year senior), what it was like dating long-distance after Craig graduated, and moving in together. Sinclaire, an NCAA 1500m champion who signed with Nike after graduating, talks about her decision to leave the Bowerman Track Club last year and to join Union Athletics Club, where she is coached by Pete Julian. She talks about having that conversation with former coaches Jerry Schumacher and Shalane Flanagan, and about why the Bowerman training style wasn’t working for her. And Craig talks about becoming “the pacer guy,” about his role as an official pacer on race day, and about how he navigates his own racing goals with his pacing duties.

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