481. Love on the Run with Josette Norris & Robby Andrews


“Moral of the story is if a girl is gonna stick around you when you’re sleeping until 12:30 in the afternoon, she probably likes you. Marry her.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Welcome to the seventh and final episode in this year’s Love on the Run Week series. Today, Jersey is in the house! Professional runners Josette Norris and Robby Andrews join the show to talk about the first time they met, the actual first time they met, and what they’re each like on the sidelines when the other is racing (spoiler: loud!). Josette signed with Reebok in 2020, and is fresh off a breakout year where everyone was talking about “Josette Norris from New Jersey.” And 2022 is already off to a solid start for her, with personal bests in the 1500m and the 3000m. Robby is in his tenth year competing as a professional athlete. He is sponsored by adidas, and is a 2016 Olympian: He competed in the 1500m in Rio. In this conversation, Josette and Robby (who got engaged in 2020) keep it fun talking about Robby meeting Barack and Michelle Obama and about how wedding planning is going. But they also talk about dealing with tough stuff, like Robby’s experiences with Lyme disease, injuries, and surgeries, and Josette’s experience being thrust into the running spotlight last year, and how she handled that. Robby offers an epic answer to the “What food would you make for Josette?” question in the Sprint, and they talk about what’s on tap for 2022.

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