497. LIVE from the NYC Half with Becs Gentry & Nev Schulman


“I’ve made it here. I’m good with that. I’m going to start this race as me. However I finish, I’m still me.”

I love a live show! The day before the United Airlines NYC Half (thanks to New Balance, New York Road Runners, and the 1 Hotel Central Park South), I had the pleasure of hosting a live recording of the Ali on the Run Show with returning podcast guests Becs Gentry and Nev Schulman. (Shout-out to the live audience: You were a great crowd, and you were so much fun! Thank you for being there.) This banter-filled conversation covered everything from Becs and Nev’s approaches to running and dealing with dark moments on the run, to peeing in the ocean and mastering the art of “The McDash.” You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp (the collective sound in the room when Nev asserted that treadmill running “isn’t real running,” oh my…), and I hope you’ll enjoy. (Oh, and by the way: The fastest marathon ever on a treadmill was run by former Ali on the Run Show guest CJ Albertson! He covered 26.2 miles on a treadmill in 2:09:58.)

SPONSOR: New Balance. Click here to learn all about the conversations New Balance is having to promote mental wellness.

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