501. Friendship Fest with Dinée Dorame & Mario Fraioli


“I could tell he wasn’t mentoring me because he wanted it to be this public thing that made him look good. I wasn’t his charity case.”

Dinée Dorame had a dream: to launch a podcast that would explore the intersection between running, land, community and culture. So she applied for the first-ever Tracksmith Fellowship program — and she won. Dinée was one of the first recipients of a Tracksmith Fellowship grant, which gave her the support she needed to bring the Grounded podcast into existence. She was also paired with a mentor: Mario Fraioli, host of The Morning Shakeout podcast and creator of The Morning Shakeout newsletter. Dinée and Mario started as total strangers, formed a fast mentor-mentee relationship, and now, one year later, are close friends with a “big brother, little sister” bond. In this conversation, they talk about their first phone call, the first time they met in real life, and how their differences have made their relationship stronger.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Dinée and Mario became paired together as mentor-mentee through the Tracksmith Fellowship (5:20)
  • All about Dinée and Mario’s first phone call (15:15)
  • How a phone call became a friendship (26:10)
  • On podcast rejection! (37:00)
  • Dinée and Mario share the moments when they felt especially proud of each other (44:00)
  • On finally getting to meet in real life (48:00)
  • All about Common Ground (55:00)

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