509. Ask Ali with Guest Host Laura Green


“The people who read my blog and supported me — whether we met in real life or from afar — they saved my life on my worst days.”

Laura Green is a runner, a mom to two boys, and a dear friend — and today, she’s a podcast host! On this edition of Ask Ali, returning Ali on the Run Show guest Laura is here to do all the question asking, reading your questions from Instagram (and coming up with a few of her own). We do a chronological Ali deep dive, from the college days, to the pre-podcast blogging days, to life today with a 3.5-year-old.

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Laura asks:

  • The warm-up round (3:30)
  • “Pre-podcast Ali” questions (10:40)
  • Podcast-related questions (27:00)
  • Parenting questions (42:00)

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