#54 – MSS with Samir Benmakhlouf


In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Samir Benmakhlouf who is the current CEO of London Academy School and previous Country Manager of Microsoft Morocco



0:00 – Introduction and Welcoming. Reminder to register to blablaconf

0:02 – Educational journey + Higher education journey

0:07 – Why going to the US instead of France or other countries to pursue your higher education studies?

0:16 – Why pursuing a PHD ? Is PHD something you advise for Moroccan students?

0:18 – Advantages and inconvenients of education in the USA

0:23 – Doing a Ph.D. directly after a bachelor?

0:33 – Role of the guest within Microsoft Morocco + Missions of Microsoft Morocco

0:36 – Future plans of Microsoft for Morocco

0:37 – Advices for people that want to work within Microsoft

0:38 – Few words about Bill Gates and his style of management

0:40 – WHy aren’t there any big technological lab in Morocco ? (Like Google AI center in Ghana)

0:47 – How is Coding teached in london academy ?

0:52 – Guest point of view about how computer science in teached in Moroccan universities ?

0:56 – How were courses handled in London Academy during the Covid 19 pandemic ?


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