#59 – Ask Me Anything #5


Ask Me Anything episode #5 with our community members and guests Youssouf, Abderrahim, Ouissal and Mohamed. During this episode we answer audience questions about programming, community, new technologies and much more.



0:01 – Introduction.

0:04 – How have you heard about Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge?

0:05 – What was the submitted tutorial/project about?

0:08 – How have you decided to start your Open Source journey?

0:12 – What were the challenges that you have faced while working on the Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge?

0:15 – What were the tools that you have used to train your bot?

0:16 – How do you manage working while being a computer science student?

0:17 – What is like to be a student at Al Akhawayn University?

0:19 – What are the access options to Al Akhawayn University?

0:20 – What can you tell us about the events that take place in Al Akhawayn University?

0:22 – Can you choose courses in Al Akhawayn University or are they imposed on you?

0:25 – Does the Al Akhawayn University ecosystem help students with their projects and Startup ideas?

0:27 – The importance of self learning for students.

0:28 – How do you learn new technologies as students?

0:34 – What was studying during the pandemic like?

0:36 – How did you get started with programming/coding?

0:42 – Which is the preferable language to learn for the Moroccan Tech Industry?

0:48 – What are your thoughts on Apple’s new M1 processor?

0:53 – SAD DNS attack.

0:56 – New Google Chrome Zero-Day vulnerability.

0:59 – Twitter’s new Stories feature ‘Fleets’.

1:01 – Google Photos will not be free by June 1, 2021!

1:06 – What is new in Angular 11?

1:09 – Vue.js 3 Composition API?

1:12 – Do you focus on the front-end? If so what is your stack?

1:14 – Tailwind CSS and the problem with CSS.

1:17 – Which code editor do you work with?

1:22 – The high quality of Vercel’s Next.js conference.

1:24 – Spotify.js, weekend Open Source project by Abderrahim Soubai Elidrissi.

1:33 – What are your thoughts on Prisma next-generation ORM?

1:35 – The importance of using schematics in Angular?

1:36 – What should every Django back-end developer be familiar with?

1:39 – Advice for Machine Learning enthusiasts.

1:40 – What exactly is a software engineer?

1:46 – How much a beginner fullstack developer should charge per hour?

1:50 – How to stand out in the freelance market while other “freelancers” charge below average?

1:54 – Do you have plans to work abroad?

1:55 – Are there any work opportunities for .Net developer?

1:56 – How can I know that I am ready for job interviews?

2:00 – What is the best way to escape a job interview question?

2:08 – Why jumping to the source code of an Open Source project is benificial?

2:10 – What is the role of TypeScript?

2:18 – The secret sauce to master Javascript.

2:19 – What are your learning resources?

2:23 – What are your thoughts on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Morocco?

2:24 – As a self-taught developer, how do I know that I’m in the right track with the right pace?

2:28 – The “self-taught title” from the perspective of a self-taught Fullstack developer and Cloud Architect.

2:30 – How do you manage freelancing while being an employee?

2:31 – As a junior developer, how do you deal with the fact that you have to work with technologie

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