#68 – Developer Productivity


In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Diaa Alhak El Fallous and Othmane Kinane, and we discuss Developer Productivity Definition, tools, and more things about it.



0:01 – Introduction.

0:04 – What do we mean with Productivity?

0:08 – How to measure productivity?

0:20 – What do we mean with Productivity for a developer working alone, and How he measure it?

0:30 – Does a predefined roadmap consider a developer’s productivity?

0:43 – How do you do to being consistent at work?

1:08 – How to manage the situation when you need more time to grasp the task’s skills or feel that you won’t meet some deadline?

1:13 – What are the criteria to promote a person?

1:23 – How can a developer avoid burnout?

1:36 – Tips to handle distractions and to be more productive while working

1:54 – Wrap up and goodbye.

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