#70 – DataBases deep dive


In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Taoufik Khamouli, Anouar Boukhatem and El Housseine Jaafari to talk about Databases, different types and, some advanced topics.



0:00 – Introduction.

0:06 – What do we mean by a Database?

0:10 – Why do we need databases?

0:20 – What are the different types of databases and why we have more than one?

0:39 – What are ACID properties, and why are they important?

0:51 – What is denormalization and, when we need it?

0:55 – What consideration to decide between database types?

1:29 – Open-source vs. proprietary database, Which one is better?

1:34 – What is Indexing and how to use it well?

1:37 – What is CAP theorem, and why is it important?

1:42 – What are the requirements to have High Availability & Data Replication in databases?

1:49 – What are Backup & Restore Policies best practices?

1:56 – Advice about Performance Optimization.

2:19 – Wrap up and goodbye.



  • Building Secure and Reliable Systems: Best Practices for Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Systems

  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications

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