#86 – MSS with Wassim CHEGHAM


In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Wassim CHEGHAM, Sr. JavaScript Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Core
contributor at Angular, Core contributor Nodejs and Ambassador for Auth0



0:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:01 – Who is Wassim CHEGHAM?

0:03 – How did he get interested in technology?

0:05 – How did you get introduced to Javascript?

0:08 – What is the advice for beginner developers that you can give to choose a programming language for a professional career?

0:15 – Do blogging help in the learning phase and in building your own personal brand?

0:21 – Walk us through some of your contributions to angular , bazel and nodejs and What you will earn from contributing / open source?

0:30 – (comments) How do you learn and practice more in less time?

0:38 – How was your experience at the professional life, and experience to manage the balance between personal life, fun, and professional life?

0:46 – Is Dependency injection implementation still your favorite feature about angular?

0:47 – (comments) How to become a GDE?

0:55 – What does it mean to be an advocate developer? Tell us about the developer advocate iceberg.

1:06 – What is your vision/expectation, where the technologies are heading?

1:10 – (comments) What is your vision/expectation for Javascript?

1:18 – (comments) Talking about web views, do you recommend specific one? (in Angular context) (Cordova, Capacitorjs)

1:20 – (comments) What is the future of Web Assembly> It’s time to jump and start learning it?

1:21 – Advice for geeksblabla community

1:25 – Wrap up and goodbye

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