#98 – The weakest link: why all software needs security?


During this episode we will go over common security breaches where the weakest service/software were exploited, why all components of a system should get their share of security evaluation, and why secure software design and coding are important for developers on all stacks.



0:01 – Intro and welcoming.

0:07 – Exciting security news: Log4j zero-day exploit meltdown.

0:13 – Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).

0:16 – A brief introduction of security from your perspective?

0:22 – What are the software/system aspects that are more critically in need for security?

0:32 – The weakest links for system security: Physical security.

0:42 – The weakest links for system security: Network security.

0:49 – The weakest links for system security: Employees.

0:59 – Stuxnet, where employees contribute to getting malware to the org.

1:02 – Social engineering attack: FB & Google fraud attack.

1:04 – Small satellite apps: FBI website hack, ~100k email sent from a legit fbi.org email address.

1:35 – Secure coding principles for developers

1:45 – Securing small systems (usually considered irrelevant systems)

1:54 – How to secure frontend?

2:00 – How to make sure employees/developers machines are secure?

2:09 – How to manage secrets

2:28 – Wrap up and Goodbye

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