Post Conference Ideas| 9 Ideas…9 Days Later [English]


After meeting 44 companies, across 9 sectors, on 9 consecutive days, we present you with a compiled set of 9 investment ideas: 

  1. Stay with the Fittest: COMI 
  2. Ambition and Diversity Win: EKHO, CIRA 
  3. Buy One, Get Two: ORHD 
  4. It Is Time to Shift from FWRY to EFIH, HRHO, AUTO 
  5. Catch the Commodity Rally in 1H22: ABUK
  6. Transaction Triggers: AUTO, HRHO, Ibtikar 
  7. Construct and Don’t Demolish: ORAS, SWDY 
  8. Buy the Shift from Losses or the Surge in Profits: DOMT, ARCC, EGAL, HELI, ABUK, AMOC 
  9. If You Are Thinking Yield: AUTO, ABUK, MFPC, ORWE, IDHC, ORAS, EKHO 

 Please refer to our detailed presentation to read about key sector highlights and details about the investment ideas listed above.  

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