Pre-Trading Thoughts 29/9/2021


-Global markets under pressure; Yield on US 10-year treasuries high; Expectations for higher rates move investors out of equities
-MPs will draft a new legislation aiming to postpone capital gains tax on EGX transactions
-Italy allows travel to Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam without quarantine on return
-PIOH to split stock into three as of October 11
-Asmak to raise stake in PORT to 25-33%; Might trigger an MTO
-HRHO to apply for startups and SME financing license 
-Drive (AUTO) signs first consumer finance contract
-Tharwa Insurance (CNFN), DEIN, MOIN compete on EGP1.8 bn insurance premiums
-Egypt and Saudi to sign electricity connection contracts; SWDY might be a beneficiary
-ETEL to participate in the 2Africa cable extension
-Sugar prices rise to reach EGP9,300 – 9,700/ton
-RAKT fate (liquidation, capital increase, merger) to be determined on Oct. 14 GAM

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