#133 – SasS for developers


In this episode of GeeksBlaBla, we discuss the Software As A Service business model going from how to build a SaaS product to how to launch it in the market.



Djalal: https://twitter.com/enlamp

Moustaid Ayoub: https://twitter.com/mstdayoub



0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:03:02 – What is SaaS (Software As A Service)?

0:09:55 – What are the benefits of Saas ?

0:17:56 – When not to use SaaS (as an end-user / as a maker)?

0:35:20 – The future of SaaS in Morocco ?

0:52:45 – Ideation and market validation in SaaS.

1:02:00 – How to make the technical decision for a SaaS product?

1:14:07 – Security and compliance for SaaS companies ?

1:21:14 – Pre mature optimization and Over Engineering in SaaS

1:28:30 – Saas Pricing Models

1:37:00 – SaaS Marketing and Branding

1:46:25 – How to manage Payment and invoicing without having a company

1:49:30 – Is SaaS subscription fatigue a thing ?

1:53:24 – 1:06:00 – Wrap up & Goodbye



40 SaaS Starter Kits & Boilerplates Based On Your Favourite Programming Language / Framework: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/40-saas-starter-kits-boilerplates-based-on-your-favourite-programming-language-framework-35387161e0

#77 – No code / Low code GeeksBlaBla Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-km6iydoiw

SaaS Pricing Calculator: https://indiebrands.io/saas-pricing-calculator

How to get the first users for my SaaS, micro-SaaS, App?: https://twitter.com/mstdayoub/status/1593368786777915392

Compare FastSpring and Paddle: https://www.g2.com/compare/fastspring-vs-paddle

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