#142 – Mental Health for developers


In this episode, we discuss the challenges we face as IT workers in terms of Mental health, and how to overcome the issues, and solve them.


0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:03:20 – First assumtions about mental Health.

0:21:00 – Are developers provided with adequate resources to manage workload and stress, such as time management tools, stress reduction techniques, and support from colleagues or supervisors?

0:42:20 – Are managers trained in recognizing signs of mental health issues and equipped to provide support and resources for those who may be struggling?

0:56:10 – How to avoid negativity between your team members?

1:03:00 – Is it good to build personal relatonshi with team members or stay pfessional?

1:10:26 – Is there a way to split the job's way of thinking with normal life?

1:20:20 – Exeripment new things, hobbies, and how to create a balance.

1:26:00 – QA & Giveaway

1:48:30 – The input of professional help.

2:15:00 – Best practices.

2:28:00 – WrapUp & Goodbye.


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