#150 – The Art of Cybersecurity


In this episode, we discuss the state of Cybersecurity in Morocco, the challenges and opportunities that this field faces, how to get started and most important resources that help to learn it.


Ahmed Lekssays

Othmane Menouar


0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:10:28 – The current state of cybersecurity in Morocco? Are there any unique challenges or opportunities specific to the country

0:27:07 – Examples or case studies of cyber attacks or breaches that have occurred in Morocco, What were the lessons learned from those incidents?

0:37:56 – Laws and regulations, fines for data exposure

0:47:31 – What can Morocco do to improve in terms of preventing attacks and breaches in other systems

1:03:00 – Is Cybersecurity in Morocco or/and Africa promising ? why ?

1:06:04 – from software to cybesecurity, what to learn ?

1:15:10 – Is Maths mandatory in cybersecurity field ?

1:19:42 – Books recommandations from guests

1:24:09 – Latest news on cybersecurity and cryptography

1:32:00 – Giveaway!

1:37:06 – The future of cybersecurity in Morocco, Are there any exciting developments or initiatives on the horizon?

1:47:00 – Certifications Vs Diplomas in cybersecurity

1:52:00 – Advices from guests

1:57:44 – Conclusion and goodbye.


Prepared and Presented by

⁠Meriem Zaid⁠

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