#163 – Python in 2023 شنو بلان بايثون؟


In this episode, we discuss the latest Python features and fileds of usage in 2023, frameworks, and much more with our community friends.



0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:04:00 – Jetbrains survey highlighting Python part

0:08:40 – Emerging trends or technologies in the Python ecosystem that are particularly noteworthy this year

0:21:00 – How do you anticipate Python's role evolving in the domain of Data Science and ML

0:35:00 – Major updates or changes in Python frameworks or libraries that developers should be aware of

0:41:00 – Python is addressing challenges related to scalability and performance, especially in the context of modern applications

0:58:44 – When not to use Python?

1:07:00 – How is Python positioned to play a role in DevOps this year

1:16:05 – How is Python adapting to address security concerns, and what should developers be mindful of

1:20:00 – Q&A

1:56:00 – Geeksblabla Picks

2:02:00 – Conclusion and goodbye.


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