#165 – DevOps in 2023 – تغييرات مهمة فمجال الديڢوبس واش غتبقى هاد المهنة العام الجاي؟


In this episode, we discuss the state of DevOps in 2023 and highlight key changes/improvements, new rising roles, and the most recent emerging practices.



00:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

00:05:55 – State of DevOps in 2023: Key changes, notable shifts and improvements.

00:08:35 – Definition of DevOps and highlights on some DevOps misconceptions

00:34:17 – DevOps “engineers”/practitioners vs SREs

00:49:02 – How was SRE implemented by Google ?

00:59:02 – Hierarchy challenges in Tech companies

01:10:02 – The rise of Low-Code/No-Code platforms and whether they threaten DevOps jobs or there will be a new role created

01:38:52 – What is Platform Engineering?

01:54:50 – Should a DevOps/Platform/SRE engineer be a developer beforehand?

02:10:59 – What advice to give for juniors to get started and build a successful DevOps career?

02:22:30 – The role of a Cloud Architect in DevOps

02:23:27 – The effects of AI in DevOps

02:24:44 – Conclusion and goodbye


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