#171 – From Code Passion to first Dollar 💰🇲🇦 كيفاش يمكن التحول من شغف البرمجة إلى تحقيق أول ربح


In this episode, we discuss how to turn code passion into profit. We'll cover concrete strategies to get started and more, with our talented guests.



0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming

0:04:50 – Is the solopreneur or indie maker field suitable for all software engineers?

0:07:18 – What types of software engineers can be indie makers?

0:15:08 – The transition from being an employee to a solopreneur and following your passion.

0:22:00 – Upsides and downsides of the solopreneur journey.

0:25:45 – Tips to find ideas to make your first product.

0:35:30 – Tips to gather the first budget to get started and the minimum budget needed.

0:50:58 – Tips for Time Allocation as a Solopreneur

0:57:01 – Idea generation and validation.

1:01:10 – Tips to generate your first dollar with your current skill, with or without experience.

1:13:13 – Tips to Find the Right Audience

1:24:00 – Is indie hacking similar to dropshipping?

1:38:06 – Deadly trap: Think globally and generate more income.

1:45:10 – Deadly trap: procrastinating growth and developing ideas.

1:54:00 – Geeksblabla picks & QA

2:18:30 – Conclusion and Goodbye


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