#177 – DevRel and tech talks 🇲🇦


We're back with Part Two of "Preparing for a Tech Talk" expanding on our previous discussion from two years ago. Plus, we're diving into DevRel (Developer Relations) and its impact on the tech industry. Whether you're curious about DevRel or considering a career in it, we've got you covered with essential insights and tips. Tune in for an engaging conversation!



0:00:00 – Introduction and welcoming.

0:11:52 – Why did you start tech talks?

0:36:41 – How to write a good CFP?

0:53:20 – As reviewer, What makes a talk valid for you?

1:13:36 – How do you know your audience?

1:27:25 – What about imposter syndrome?

1:29:18 – Audience in middle east.

1:40:45 – What is DevRel?

2:05:20 – Is technical writer considered as a DevRel?

2:10:10 – What makes DevRel different from classic technical marketing?

2:17:05 – What are the essential qualities that a DevRel guy must have?

2:29:45 – What are the drawbacks of being in DevRel?

2:48:15 – What are the positive aspects of being in DevRel?

3:01:20 – Last word.

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