553. Beyond the Run with Emily Saul, Marathon Mentality Q&A Part II


“The whole idea of getting comfortable being uncomfortable is actually about building a psychological endurance. In the same way we build a physical endurance for running more miles, we can build a kind of psychological endurance or tolerance for this stuff that is uncomfortable, but in the context of running, it’s actually normal.”

Welcome to Part II of this summer’s Marathon Mentality series with Ali on the Run Show favorite Emily Saul! Emily is a licensed mental health counselor, sport psychology coach, and founder of E Saul Movement. She’s a former Division-1 collegiate rower, she’s a lifelong athlete, she’s a many-time marathoner, and she’s a TEDxBoston speaker. If you’re training for a fall marathon, it’s likely your long runs are ramping up, and you’re spending a lot of time thinking about all things 26.2 — the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly. Fortunately, Emily is here to hold your hand throughout the process.

Today, Emily is offering advice about staying mentally strong during hot runs, getting psyched up for long runs and tough workouts, and what it actually means getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Plus, “balance” during marathon season, setting goals, avoiding training burnout, and more. (Then, come back next month when Emily addresses how to tackle the taper, getting into a race-day mindset, and how to have the day of your running dreams.)

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Tips for when you’re mentally struggling to run in the heat (5:00)
  • How do you actually get comfortable with being uncomfortable? (13:00)
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for a big workout or long run (26:35)
  • Advice on balancing marathon training with the rest of life (38:40)
  • It’s hard to balance training with a social life — any tips for sticking with the plan? (45:25)
  • Tips for avoiding training burnout as the weekend miles climb (52:10)
  • How to set a time goal without adding pressure and stress and getting psyched out (1:01:30)

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