562. 26 Questions with Deena Kastor


“I have to enjoy this race. I really just need this one to be uplifting.”

Deena Kastor has run (and won!) many marathons during her career. She’s the 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the marathon, she has won both the Chicago and London Marathons and the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, and until this past January, she was the American Record Holder in the marathon (Keira D’Amato holds that title now). And this weekend, Deena will race the Berlin Marathon! Here, she explains why this race is so special (she’ll earn her Abbott World Marathon Majors six-star finisher’s medal!) and what her goals are for the day. Plus: why she ran her first marathon, where she keeps her Olympic medal, her real feelings about race broadcasting, and why her greatest running weakness involves…baby eagles?

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