583. LIVE with goodr, Erin Azar, Alysia Montaño, and Laura Green


“My life got a little weird that weekend!” —Erin Azar

“It’s not about athletes running and having lactation accommodations. It’s about making micro changes for macro changes. We want societal shift.” —Alysia Montaño

“Everyone’s like, ‘Do you have a goal?’ And I’m like, ‘To have a good time!’ No, that’s never my goal. I don’t care about having a good time. I like to race!” —Laura Green

Oh, we had some fun last Friday night in New York City. Goodr hosted a live recording of the Ali on the Run Show at Prohibition (my first live show at a bar! too fun!) with special guests Erin Azar (you know her as “Mrs. Space Cadet”), professional track star turned marathoner Alysia Montaño, and funny woman Laura Green. Lots of laughter, lots of talk about creating change in the industry, and lots of hot pink sunglasses!

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