595. Lorna Campbell, Abbott World Marathon Majors Head of Communications


“It was just that moment in time where somebody saw something and wanted to help me and give back. And I try to do that with other people, too, because if I hadn’t been in that situation, I don’t know what I’d be doing now.”

Imagine getting to travel the world, attending major marathon race weekends and helping share the stories of the athletes, the races, and the people who make these events so special. That’s the reality for Lorna Campbell, as the Head of Communications for Abbott World Marathon Majors, the race series comprised of the New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, London Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, and Berlin Marathon. In this conversation, Lorna — who is originally from Scotland, lives in Rhode Island, and has a very cute story of how she met her husband at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics — talks about how she got this job, what her role entails, and all the jobs she had in various sports before making her way to the running industry. Plus, her reflections on her first year of motherhood (she’s mom to one-year-old Harris), her feelings on the allure of the six-star challenge, and her take on the state of the running industry and running community right now.


What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Lorna reflects on her first year of motherhood, and life as a newlywed (3:30)
  • The very sweet story of how Lorna met her now-husband at the Olympics (7:45)
  • What young Lorna was like, and how her childhood shaped her future (9:50)
  • Lorna shares her career highlight reel (16:45)
  • Who’s in Lorna’s village? (19:50)
  • How Lorna got her job as head of communications with Abbott World Marathon Majors (24:00)
  • What Lorna’s job entails on the day to day, and during race weekends (29:00)
  • All about the World Marathon Majors six-star challenge, and how it’s evolved during Lorna’s time with the organization (35:40)
  • How Lorna found running and became a runner — and why she still has a hard time calling herself a runner (42:50)
  • How Lorna’s relationship with running has changed since having her son (48:00)
  • Which of the six World Marathon Majors Lorna would most like to run (56:55)
  • Lorna’s take on the state of the running industry and running community right now (1:00:45)

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