599. Natalie Morales, Co-Host of The Talk (Re-Run)


A few weeks ago, I talked about my life with Crohn’s disease.

In that episode, I answered a listener question about the worst, most embarrassing, most inconvenient bathroom experience I’ve ever had.

And I’m not going to tell that story again now — I’ll spare you — but the short version is that I was very sick, I was living in New Jersey, and I traveled into Manhattan that day via ferry for a very exciting reason.

It was late May 2017, and I was about to record Episode 33 of the Ali on the Run Show with Today show co-anchor Natalie Morales. I was giddy!

This was a dream interview for me. I’ve always loved and admired Natalie Morales. I couldn’t believe that she not only agreed to be interviewed for a brand-new running podcast, but also that instead of recording remotely, she invited me to the Access Hollywood studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Of course, the day wasn’t without its drama for me.

I had a traumatic Crohn’s-related issue on the way into the city, and then, after buying a new outfit en route and then waiting in the 30 Rock lobby next to Sterling K. Brown (also a runner!), I was brought upstairs to wait for Natalie.

I opened my laptop with all my research and carefully prepared questions — and the screen went dark. It couldn’t be revived.

That day, my body failed me, and then my technology failed me. I was rattled.

There I was: brand-new to podcasting, sitting on a couch next to Natalie Morales, with no notes to guide me.

I’m re-airing this episode today because it’s one I reference often — not just because of the Crohnsing that took place that day. Mostly, because I was terrified. I was thrown off my game, for multiple reasons…and yet, nothing totally tragic happened.

I took a deep breath, I trusted my [leaky] gut, and I did my best.

And this conversation was the result. Was it perfect? Nope. But nearly six years later, I can still say that no episode is ever perfect. This one, though, is one I’m still proud of, and I hope you enjoy revisiting it.


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