606. Des Linden, Author, Podcast Host, Boston Marathon Champion, “Emily in Paris” Super Fan


“I get rowdy with vodka.”

Des Linden is busy! She just launched a new podcast with Kara Goucher. Her memoir, Choosing to Run, comes out April 4. And she’s gearing up for this year’s Boston Marathon. But she’s never too busy to indulge in a little plaisir coupable. (That’s “guilty pleasure,” in French.) In this conversation, Des offers updates on all of the above: what we can expect from the podcast, why she prefers being called Des over Desi, how she’s feeling about her book release, and how Boston training is going. And then, in the second half of the episode, something a little different, a little silly, a little fun: gushing about the Netflix show Emily in Paris. (Spoilers aplenty!) Is Des an Emily, a Mindy, a Camille, or a Sylvie? Only one way to find out! (Which one are you?)


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Catching up with Des about her book, her podcast, her 2023 Boston Marathon training, and why she hates being called “Desi” (2:30)
  • All things Emily in Paris! (26:30)

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