607. Run Your Way with Emily Sisson


“I never think that in a race. I never think, ‘I’ve got this.’ For better or for worse, I don’t ever feel like something’s done until it’s done.”

She’s done it again! Earlier this month, Emily Sisson broke her own American record in the half marathon, running 1:06:52 at the Houston Half Marathon. She became the first U.S. woman to run under 67 minutes in the half marathon on a record-eligible course, and Emily now owns four out of six of the fastest half marathon times run by an American woman. (She is also the American record holder in the marathon!) In this conversation, Emily talks about the mental side of staying so strong during training and on race day. She shares how she avoids the comparison trap, and how she stays focused on what she can do vs. what her competition is capable of. Plus, what it was like racing alongside longtime training partner Molly Huddle, the secret to that finishing kick, and what the finish line media frenzy is really like.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Emily has been feeling since Houston, and what it’s like being one of the greats in U.S. distance running (3:15)
  • What the Houston Half finish line was like (9:00)
  • When Emily decided she’d try to break her record in Houston (12:00)
  • Why Emily is already thinking about running faster (17:50)
  • How Emily was feeling the morning of the Houston Half (20:15)
  • All about the newest addition to Emily’s family! (24:45)
  • Emily explains the use of pacers during races — and why she didn’t want them for Houston (30:50)
  • Emily’s choice of racing shoe: the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Pacer (33:30)
  • Emily walks us through her race at the Houston Half Marathon (36:20)
  • How Emily finishes her races so strong (43:15)
  • How Emily spent the rest of her day in Houston, and how she’s feeling heading into her spring marathon (45:30)
  • On being clued into the competition vs. focusing inward (50:20)
  • What it means to run the Emily Sisson way (53:15)

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