611. Run Your Way with Colleen Quigley


“I’m not the type of athlete who likes to go to the track, come home, and watch Netflix or play video games until the next run, and then rinse and repeat. I will go crazy trying to do that. A lot of people enjoy that and think they have to do that in order to get the success that they are working toward — that they have to give up every other part of their life that isn’t running related. And I’ve always pushed back on that. I don’t think it’s this either/or situation. I think there’s an ‘and.’ You just have to figure out the right ‘and’ blend.”

Colleen Quigley is affectionately known as “Steeple Squigs” — a play on her last name, combined with what has always been her greatest passion: competing in the steeplechase. The Florida State University alum rose to fame within the professional track and field ranks by becoming a Nike-sponsored Olympian who trained with the Bowerman Track Club. At the end of 2020, Colleen announced her departure from both Nike and BTC, and in May 2021, she signed with new sponsor lululemon. Now, she’s continuing to do things her way, which means slightly less conventional training methods and goals for a track athlete: She’s going multisport! Colleen has spent the past several months embracing the swim-bike-run life, and this weekend, she’ll compete in her first triathlon in hopes of earning her pro card. So why triathlon? And is she done on the track? All that and more in this conversation.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What’s making Colleen happy today, and how she has adjusted to life in California (2:50)
  • Where Colleen falls on the introvert vs. extrovert scale, and finding the balance between fun and training (9:50)
  • On making the transition to triathlon training and races (16:20)
  • On the release of expectation and pressure (20:30)
  • Colleen shares her triathlon goals, hopes, and dreams (28:30)
  • The status of Colleen’s 2023 racing calendar (45:50)
  • How Colleen sees the running industry now (49:30)
  • What kind of potato product would Colleen be? (1:00:50)
  • Does Colleen have any road or track races on the calendar? (1:03:10)
  • What does it mean to run the Colleen Quigley way? (1:05:30)

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