649. Mariana Fernández, Peloton Instructor & Marathoner


“All of those, I ended the race smiling and happy and saying, ‘I want to do that again.’ For me, running is about that.

Mariana Fernández was born in Mexico and grew up in San Diego, where she dreamed of one day being onstage with her name in lights. Today, she’s doing just that — in a slightly different way than she ever imagined. Mariana is a Peloton Tread, Yoga, and Meditation instructor who teaches classes in both English and Spanish. In this conversation, she talks about the role movement has always played in her life. (Growing up with a marathon-running mom — who is still running marathons in her 70s — will get you moving!) Mariana ran the New York Mini 10K last weekend, and soon she’ll begin training for her next marathon: the 2023 New York City Marathon


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