652. Meaghan Murray-Neuberger, Managing Partner of Believe in the Run


“You really have to want it. It takes the discipline of the training, the discipline of honing in on your nutrition and hydration, and understanding what that means. And the day to day practice of really, really wanting to make this thing happen. It’s all the little pieces that you have to tie together perfectly. And then you have to have a great day! Everything has to come together on the day. It’s a lot.”

Meaghan Murray-Neuberger is a 2:47 marathoner. But before you think, “Whoa, 2:47 marathoner — I can’t relate to that,” consider the possibility that you can, in fact, relate. Meaghan wasn’t born a 2:47 marathoner. She spent more than five years and ran more than 10 marathons in her attempts to break three hours. Once she did that, things started to click. She dialed in her nutrition (shout-out to Meghann Featherstun!), learned about hydration, and started doing all of the “little things” that make a big difference. In this conversation, Meaghan talks about the major mental unlock that happened when she broke 3:00 for the first time. She talks about racing under pressure, and about learning to run her own race. Plus, all about what it’s like being the managing partner of Believe in the Run. This weekend, Meaghan will make her 10K debut at the B.A.A. 10K! (Still time to sign up! Click here before registration is totally full!)


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