656. Erica Stanley-Dottin, 2:52 Marathoner & Tracksmith Community Manager


“You can get humbled in this sport quickly. You’re playing the long game the whole time. I’ve learned that I’m down with that. I’m into that. That part of it is what keeps me going. I thrive in the unknowns — getting out there and figuring it out.”

Erica Stanley-Dottin started running young, and was a sprinter in college. But turns out, her fastest days are now, as a 49-year-old full-time working mom of two living in Brooklyn, NY. In this episode, Erica talks about her road to becoming a 2:52 marathoner. She talks about how she’s gotten so fast, and about the significance of becoming a part of The List: a small group of American-born Black women who have run sub-3:00 marathons. (Erica joined when she ran 2:52:05 at the Berlin Marathon last year.) Plus, Erica talks about what’s next on her racing calendar — and whether she plans to return to the track.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Why Erica decided to get back to the track recently (3:30)
  • What’s next on Erica’s racing calendar? (10:25)
  • Erica’s keys to getting faster as she’s getting older (12:55)
  • How Erica became a runner (18:30)
  • Why Erica ran her first marathon (24:00)
  • How Erica became a 3:15 marathoner after having her two sons (30:55)
  • On joining Black Roses, and how that changed the game for Erica (32:20)
  • “The heartbreaker,” and the race that taught Erica there are no guarantees in the marathon (35:45)
  • The significance of running a sub-3:00 marathon and becoming a part of “The List” (39:45)
  • On life since Berlin (51:20)
  • What Erica has learned about herself through marathoning (53:50)
  • All about Erica’s job as Tracksmith’s NYC Community Manager (55:00)

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