657. Kate Grace, Olympian & New Mom


“I am just so thrilled for what’s to come. I don’t know what that is. But I have faith that it’s working out as it should.”

We’re long overdue for a catch-up session with professional runner and Olympian Kate Grace! The last time Kate was on the Ali on the Run Show was two years ago, after she had just competed at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials, where she had hoped to make her second Olympic team in the 800m. Kate fell just short, finishing fourth in the final. But remember what happened next? Kate went on to have the best Revenge Summer ever! She went to Europe where she ran four races in four different countries in a 10-day span, and her time overseas earned her two wins and three personal bests. She had just moved to Boulder, CO, to train with Team Boss and coach Joe Bosshard. She was living the dream, and excited about her upcoming season — which, as we learn in this episode, Kate had planned to be her last.

In this episode, Kate talks about going from the highest highs to the most devastating lows. She talks about getting Long Covid, about deciding how and when to retire from the sport, and, ultimately, about her decision to have a baby. Kate’s son, River, is now four months old, and Kate is back on the run and “itching to go fast!”


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Kate’s doing these days (2:30)
  • On learning to live without a routine or schedule (3:45)
  • When River met Team Boss (6:30)
  • Adventures in “leaving the house with a baby” (9:30)
  • The powers of pelvic floor physical therapy, and how Kate approached her return to running (12:00)
  • Kate’s experience running during pregnancy (16:00)
  • On life since the Kate Grace Revenge Summer, and the decision to have a baby (18:15)
  • How Kate shared the news of her pregnancy (28:15)
  • Pregnancy: expectation vs. reality (32:45)
  • Kate’s experience with preeclampsia, and all about River’s birthday (38:25)
  • Kate shares her new-mom fears (47:00)
  • On the pressure to return to running and racing (48:45)
  • Kate talks about the conversations she’s had with her mom about pregnancy and fitness (55:20)

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