663. Run Your Way with Susanna Sullivan


“Celebrate the little victories. Believe that every brick you put down is building a wall.”

Sometimes on the Run Your Way series, we hear from professional athletes who are going all-in on their running pursuits, smashing 100-mile weeks and competing at the highest level. Other times, the focus is on runners who are working full-time — even working multiple jobs — and managing additional responsibilities while fitting in running whenever they can.

Today: It’s both. In this episode, we’re hearing from professional runner and full-time sixth-grade math teacher Susanna Sullivan, who will be representing Team USA in the marathon at the World Athletics Championships next week. Susanna talks about how she fits it all in, what her students think of her running pursuits, and how she’s feeling as she heads to Budapest. Plus, all about her first professional shoe sponsorship deal (she signed with Brooks earlier this summer), who she put on her roommate request form for World Championships, and so much more.

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