680. Randi Zuckerberg, Marathoner & Ultramarathoner


“I am so grateful for the professional experiences that I’ve had, and so grateful for the incredible men in my life. But I feel like I’ve been the supporting character in my own life. I’m always ‘Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister’ or ‘Brent’s Wife’ or ‘So-and-So’s Mom.’ Every achievement — even though I’m proud of it — is qualified by someone else. The moment I got to break the tape at the half marathon was the first moment in my entire life where I felt like the main character.”

Randi Zuckerberg is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, host of “Randi Zuckerberg Means Business” on SiriusXM Radio, a TV and theater producer, and a mom of three living in New York City. And yes, her last name is Zuckerberg. Randi is Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, and was one of the first employees at Facebook. (She’s credited with creating Facebook Live!) But “Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister” isn’t how Randi wants to be defined, and she has officially entered her Main Character Era — thanks to running. In this conversation, Randi talks about her journey to becoming a marathoner and an ultramarathoner, and recounts her days at the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon (she ran a 3:34:54, earning herself a Boston Qualifying time) and then, two weeks later, her first 50-miler.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Randi is feeling a few days after running her first 50-miler, and all about her run today (2:05)
  • Randi reflects on running the New York City Marathon (5:50)
  • Randi shares her Turkey Trot plans, and what her family is like on race day (9:15)
  • Meet “Brandi” (12:20)
  • When — and why — Randi became a runner (15:05)
  • On being “too old” to become a runner (21:00)
  • Randi talks about why running the New York Mini 10K changed her life — and got her to run a marathon (28:35)
  • How Randi became the main character in her own life (32:30)
  • All about Randi’s New York City Marathon training (40:10)
  • The power of group exercise classes, and how Randi fits fitness into her life (51:40)
  • Randi recaps her race at the 2023 New York City Marathon (53:50)

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