681. Tunde Oyeneyin, Peloton Instructor & New York City Marathoner


“For the first time in my entire life, I was in awe of myself. I was in awe of what I’d accomplished. The marathon was a love letter to myself. For the first time, seeing myself the way other people see me. For the first time, truly recognizing my courage and my power.”

The first time Tunde Oyeneyin was on the Ali on the Run Show, she insisted she wasn’t a runner. Now, three years and many miles later, the Peloton instructor, best-selling author, and Access Hollywood guest correspondent admits she has fully embraced the runner life. And as of last month, she’s officially a marathoner. In this conversation, Tunde talks about her decision and motivation to run this year’s New York City Marathon, and about why she chose to keep her goal a secret. She shares stories from race day, talks about how those 26.2 miles changed her life and the way she coaches her Peloton classes, and explains the impact the finish line has had on her and how she sees herself.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Tunde feels about becoming a marathoner (1:45)
  • “Do you get it now or are marathons overhyped?” (5:30)
  • Will Tunde run another marathon? (9:40)
  • When and why Tunde decided to run the New York City Marathon (10:30)
  • How —after keeping it a secret — the world found out Tunde was running the marathon (13:50)
  • Tunde’s approach to marathon training (17:45)
  • What Tunde remembers most about race morning (24:50)
  • How the marathon changed how Tunde sees herself (32:30)
  • Tunde breaks down the last few miles of the marathon (38:45)
  • How a woman named Mandy saved the day (47:15)
  • What surprised Tunde the most about this experience (50:30)
  • What Tunde’s excited for right now (55:00)

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